about us

REGULOG+ is a Medical device Regulatory Consulting Agency.

We accompany companies in all areas of medical equipment and are well acquainted with many local companies from the entire medical device industry.

In the medical equipment field, we work with local manufacturers, importers, and distributers of medical equipment.


Tami Levy and Carmit Ben Eliyahu have over a decade of experience in accompanying local and international companies to approve medical equipment with the MDD Division of the Israeli Ministry of Health, ongoing maintenance of AMAR approvals, import approvals and accompanying other regulatory processes.

Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the regulatory processes of medical device in Israel will hasten and facilitate the product registration processes and will save you time spent dealing with the bureaucracy opposite the Israeli Ministry of Health.


  • Receiving medical device registration certificates in Israel (AMAR Approvals)
  • Import permits for medical equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance of your AMAR certificates
  • Serve as an outsourcing regulatory department
  • Accompanying various medical device regulatory processes required for the     approval and marketing of medical equipment in Israel

Working with us, we will make sure your products meet all the Israeli regulatory requirements for MDD and we will accompany your registration till receiving all required approvals

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